ISC West 2012 – Recap

Sentry360 – ISC West Recap

To kick off the ISC West excitement, we had our 1st Annual Rep Group meeting.  In attendance were Representatives from Natech, Charles & Associates Marketing, Heitner Group, Hall Telecommunications, Par Products and Integrity Sales.  We showcased all the new Sentry360 products, our roadmap for success, and ended with a bang with Jason Glover from Genetec showing us what they bring to the table to support Sentry360.  This could not have gone better!

The show itself followed with a jam packed booth for Sentry360.  The energy was fierce as we handled everyone and proudly showcased our products.  With the debut of the smallest 14 mega-pixel camera everyone was amazed and wanted more.  We gave demonstrations on our cameras and displayed our new “Who is Sentry360” video.  This was for sure the most energetic and exciting show in our histoy!

Our President, Thomas Carnevale, was invited to speak at the “MegaPixel vs. HD: How to Fit the Right Technology into your CCTV System” course.  Him and a panel discussed the many differences between HD and MegaPixel and what it means to the average user.  He spoke to a full house and the overall mood was excellent.

Sentry360 would like to pay a special thanks to BlueStar, VideoInsight, Infinova, IP Video Corp., Axxonsoft, TimeSight, ONSSI and JDS for displaying our cameras in your booth. We also would like to thank Billy Steyn and Dean Sichelschmidt from Natech (South Africa) and Mike Polo from Hall Telecommunications (Canada) for lending a hand at the booth – we couldn’t have done it without you.

With that, we look forward to seeing everyone as ASIS 2012 this year!

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