The megapixel race is NOT over…

Sentry360 is a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced megapixel surveillance cameras for commercial and government markets.  With resolutions from HD 2.0 Mega-pixel to 10 Mega-pixel we have the combination of products that meet demanding applications to truly optimize pixel density, produce forensic detail & gather the facts to answer the Who, What, When, Where & How in a security investigation.  We believe the future of megapixel surveillance is to optimize each pixel and put the right product in the right position to accomplish a specific goal for the overall surveillance system.  In this series of briefs we will discuss sentry360’s “Fundamental design approach to developing megapixel surveillance edge devices”, “The optimization of 360° and 180° Technology”, “Is there a place for High Megapixel cameras?”, “The PTZ is not created equal”, and finally “Design your own megapixel surveillance project”.

Our fundamental design approach"Ultra-Compact High Megapixel Camera"

1.) Small form factor: We believe and have proven that our design layout of our board which is significantly smaller than other cameras in our class is significantly less power consuming because of our design method. Whereas our 10/14 megapixel cameras carry a maximum of 4 watts other cameras in this class are up to 14 watts of constant power consumption which is very much a ‘hidden-cost’ in the IP Video Surveillance industry. We also like to build/design our products to be as small as possible so they are adaptable and applicable in a vast array of applications. The smaller the camera the easier it is to install and deploy.

2.) High fluid frame rates: We believe just because you have MEGApixels doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice speed and the overall productive capability of catching something you could have missed otherwise with choppy frame rates or motion blur.

8 megapixel 180-degree surveillance camera

3.) Simplistic design 1 sensor 1 lens solution: We believe the more simple the design of the device the more reliable it will be over time. We do not believe in the multi-sensor approach to creating panoramic images. The goal of 360/180 technology is to send the entire image(s) through 1 IP address and because of this all the multiple imagers must be processed through 1 single processor. Most camera developers use simple Linux-based FPGA processors (to reduce cost) and these processors will die if exhausted over-time which comes into the reliability factor we’ve seen by several of these manufacturers.

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