Why MOST camera manufacturers don’t get 360?

The goal of 360 technology is to as our tag line says, “See the whole story”…  So if you’re only sending a section of the overall image to the VMS/NVR software what’s the point?  We have seen a lot of competitors recently wanting to play in the sector of 360 but think all they have to do is attached a fisheye lens and there done…   Here is our approach vs. the ‘other guys’…

1st Sentry360 developed a 360 “SDK” (Software Development Kit) in 2009 and designed it (and customized it) with the idea if the VMS/NVR manufacturer integrated it correctly the full point of the product would be realized.  What the sdk allows users to do is record and display the full 360 View or Fisheye image and then in live or playback correct the view or dWarp™ for full retrospective Pan-Tilt-zoom in all directions.  The point of 360 is to enable that PTZ experience with the ability of hindsight in full 360°.  See our full list of compatible VMS/NVR technology partners who have integrated our 360 SDK.  Here

2nd Offering the freedom of choice.  1 size does not fit all applications which is why we develop a full product-line dedicated to 360° & 180° read below how we designed specific cameras, lens options, form factors and resolutions to meet a variety of applications.

The Application: Ceiling Mount with 360° Technology

This is the North, South, East & West approach with everything in between.  The 360-degree cameras are designed to capture a full ½ of circle and to be mounted on the ceiling looking straight down so it can capture, record and reproduce corrected perspective PTZ windows in recorded or live video.  The optimization of this technology reduces the amount of total single field-of-view cameras you will need to cover heavy traffic or open areas.


dWarped section 1

dWarped section 2

The Goal: To capture the largest amount of information with the least amount of cameras from a single vantage point.

Depending on the environment and mounting height of the camera will change the pixel density you receive with which 360-degree camera.  For example if you mount a 10 megapixel at 8ft you will have tremendous detail in some instances too much detail by contrast if you mount a 3 megapixel 30 ft you will probably not receive the detail you need to identify small objects or people.  Sentry360 has 3 products FS-IP3000 (3 megapixel) FS-IP5000 (5MP) & FS-IP10K 10 megapixel all products range in price point, form factor and resolution to meet a variety of challenging mounting heights and applications. 

The Application: Wall Mount with 180°

Utilizing a specialized fisheye lens we are able to increase pixel density by upwards of 30% in the outer field of view.  Because of the use of a fisheye, and to minimize distortion, we section off the best portions of the image for display and eliminate the unimportant sections such as the sky for example.







In doing this we correct the resolution within the description to match the resolution that would be on a comparable lens and sensor size.  So when we section out an image we optimize the field of view and pixel density, we are able to artificially increase this number averaging it out based on the percentage of increase.  The models we offer are a 4 megapixel model mini dome FS-IP4180 and 8 megapixel professional dome FS-IP8180.

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