Sentry 360 is a leading developer and manufacturer of application driven multi-megapixel surveillance cameras and video management software for commercial and government markets.  Founded in 2004, Sentry360 has been through the struggles of the evolution of IP Video in the security industry and the many challenges the early years presented in evangelizing a new concept in the industry.

Continuing to lead through innovation Sentry360 has introduced new 360° technology which represents a significant paradigm shift in the way CCTV systems are designed and installed.

The most significant problem with typical video surveillance cameras is that they must be pointed directly at the location where an incident is going to occur before the incident occurs.  If an incident occurs outside the limited field-of-view of most security cameras, the investment in the camera has been wasted. Sentry 360 develops high-resolution surveillance cameras with no moving parts that can see a 360-degree, all-encompassing field of view with no blind spots.  In essence, the camera allows the user to point the camera where it was not looking after an incident has occurred.  This type of exciting technology is causing a paradigm shift in the CCTV world. Areas that once would have required four or more cameras can now be monitored by one camera that leaves no blind spots.  Combining situational awareness cameras and high-detail cameras that have the capability to zoom in on license plates and record facial images from long distances delivers a complete video surveillance system that Sentry 360 is promoting as the “Less is More”® (patent registration pending) IP Video system architecture.

From inception in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Sentry360 has grown the business globally supplying their innovative technology through distribution and indirect channel sales.   With significant expansion, including recently added offices in Holland and the United Kingdom, Sentry360 is poised to represent a high volume of sales growth throughout the next several years while constantly improving our customer service and putting the people before the technology.


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